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Sustainable and Responsible Tourism


Promoting Responsible Tourism in Peru

CHASKI PERU TREK is an organization committed to respecting the local populations, their cultures, their economies and the environment. With your participation, we can conserve the areas we visit and bring benefits to the residents of these local communities


Responsible Tourism in Peru:

1 - We expalain the different local cultures and customs of the residents of the places we visit to help travelers to understand them and be conscientious when relating to or interacting with the local residents.

2 - Minimize environmental impact. We recycle whenever possible, minimize water and energy use, and conserve the flora and fauna of the areas we visit.

3 - We support local initiatives. We promote the purchase of local products, arts and crafts, and local foods, all of which helps the local residents of the places where we offer tours.



Peru destination is where the Pearl of South America can be founded, Machu Picchu chosen as one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World by UNESCO and is very close to our immense Brazil.

Peru is a destination for all who seek Wonderful for History, Culture, Adventure, Fun and Comfort.

Travelling around Chaski Peru Trek is an Experience with High Quality Standards, Flexibility, Customization and with the best Cost x Benefit, as all tourist itineraries are chosen by you traveler, whose tour options some of the most popular places for humanity, like Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Nazca Lines, the Imperial City of Cuzco, the capital Lima and Arequipa are also part of the road maps elaborated by Chaski Peru Trek.

Guaranteeing Tranquility, security and control of all services used by our customers in Peru,
In addition, we offer personalized advice by phone, internet or directly in our office prior to travel.